About the coach

Dear friends!

My name is Alexey Frolov. I was born in Magadan, Russia. My father, Lev Frolov, is a great boxer, master of Soviet sport, and my first coach.
🥊When I was 4 y.o. my father took me to the dancing school. They kicked me out in 3 wks because of harassment accusation (I tried to make friends with all pretty girls). 
🥊Then I went for swimming, skies but didn’t like it. Soccer and hockey were fun however.
🥊When I turned 12 I went to the boxing school. Magadan boxing school is world famous!🥊I was a prize-winner of Russian boxing championship. Also, I won several Magagan regional championships and international Russia-USA matches.I won international competition named after V. V. Popenchenko. I was a vice-champion of Siberia and Far East.🥊Master of sports.
🥊I have a higher pedagogical education.
🥊I started my coaching career in 1993.
🥊For 7 years I was a chief coach of Moscow women boxing team.
🥊Twelve of my pupils became the masters of sport.
🥊I was a first coach of N. Romanov, the champion of Ukraine.
🥊I am a person coach of five times champion of Russia and world championship prize winner Saadat Dalgatova. 
🥊Certified 3 star AIBA trainer.
🥊I regularly held international master classes for boxers (Greece, Australia, Italy, France, Ukraine, Germany, USA, etc).

Занятия боксом — Новослободская, Марьина Роща. 8 926 222 84 49